Networked Surveys
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Networked surveys are a new kind of survey that create way richer insights from your open-ended responses. They multiply text data an average of 27x, automatically discover respondent segments, and can even quantify complex behaviors like persuasion.

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Persuade your audience

Who are you trying to persuade to do what?

Our customers often ask us what they should ask an audience. We ask back “who are you trying to persuade to do what?” With Networked Surveys, once you know, the right questions surface naturally.

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Multiply your insights

What is a Networked Survey?

Networked Surveys map and measure qualitative relationships between respondents, identify points of persuasion, and multiply your depth of insight. They do this by creating controlled social networks, contained within surveys, that automatically extract actionable insights from representative samples.

The opinion network™

It all starts with the Opinion Network. Opinions are things we exchange freely. But when others connect with those opinions, a network of influence emerges, shining light on our motivations behind purchasing, referring, voting, or advocating.
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Traditional Methods

Traditional methods of research have shown limitations in finding influence around brand reputation, or predicting elections. So large corporations and major advocacy groups have begun adopting Networked Surveys to map the network of their audience opinions.

Converged Solution

Networked Surveys represent the convergence of traditional surveys, focus groups, and social network analysis. Agreeable’s Networked Survey increases your speed and depth of audience insights by 20x, while reducing researcher bias.

A few benefits of Networked Surveys.

Respondents Drive Better Results

Unlike linear surveys that only get to the surface of respondents’ beliefs, our Networked Survey collects audience insights in parallel, giving you even more insight into what motivates them.

Differentiating Audience Insights

Networked Surveys offer deeper qualitative insight than traditional surveys can offer. Drill deeper into what motivates your target audiences and bring a unique perspective to your planning process.

Fast Results, Smart Business

Networked Surveys create actionable insights in real-time that guide content and messaging. Resonate better with your audience, create more new business, and grow existing accounts.

Beyond Net Promoter Score®

Go deeper than traditional Net Promoter Scores with our Networked Survey, which asks participants to weigh in on peer responses. Help your clients convert detractors, retain promoters, and prioritize response to customer feedback.

Know What Questions To Ask

Knowing what questions to ask is an anxiety point when designing surveys, holding in-depth interviews, and even identifying social segments. Prioritize your questions with our Question Discovery Survey.

Check Bias At The Door

The questions you ask can lead your respondents away from what you need to know. When you run a Networked Survey, you ask fewer questions. This means you get ~20x more data while reducing bias.

How are our customers finding value?

Our Customers

Brands, advocacy groups, policy shops and researchers are using Agreeable to better understand their customers, accelerate decision-making, and be more agile.


We’re truly thrilled to be partners with Agreeable. It took less than 30 days for us to achieve a tangible ROI on our investment. Following our first research study with Agreeable our client was emailing the next day requesting rates for additional markets. They were blown away by the insights we generated through Agreeable’s Networked Survey platform. If you’re an agency searching for a differentiator that will win you business be sure to give Agreeable a call.


For Our Future needed to understand how to use issues to motivate and persuade voters for the 2016 election. Agreeable complemented our existing research and gave us a valuable new perspective on common ground priorities that motivate voters.


Agreeable helped us accurately represent and quickly prioritize veterans issues during a pivotal VA Secretary confirmation hearing.


From Net Promoter Score and user experience to our customer support systems, Agreeable has provided us with actionable insights into our customers’ interests, concerns and motivations. I haven’t seen this kind of data anywhere else – Agreeable is truly a game changer.

Our Insights Technology Suite

Leveraging cutting-edge Networked Survey technology, Agreeable discovers new layers of insight into your audience. This gives brands, agencies, membership organizations, and policy analysts a valuable new perspective on their audience. The following solutions make up our Insights Technology Suite.

Opinion Decision Quadrant™

Agreeable automatically segments respondent opinions into activation categories, so you know the opinions that truly influence your audience. These insights help you execute on NPS, create strategies, messaging, engagement plans, and content to persuade and motivate.

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Underlying Audience Motivations

Don’t settle for top-of-mind topics. Listen to your respondents’ subconscious and learn 20x more. Participants are asked to weigh in on peer responses, uncovering deeper insights to what motivates them.

Audience Alignment Suite™

Segment and stitch together your audiences to better align with their opinions, influences, and motivations. Our Audience Alignment Suite allows you to discover messages that resonate with the right audience, no matter how they are segmented.

Cultural Alignment & Segmentation™

Agreeable measures the level of alignment and segmentation/polarization within teams. Perfect for Corporate Comms and HR teams, this metric outlines a qualitative persona and provides a benchmark for optimizing team alignment.

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