Major brands are grappling with a company culture black box. Public-facing brand messaging can help sweep internal culture challenges under the rug, but without a proactive means of measurement, bad-actors can leave massive dents in a brand’s culture.While brands often think of their culture as singular, organizations can naturally have multiple “sub-cultures.” These organizational sub-cultures don’t always align with team structure, and don’t always get along. Mapping their boundaries, and measuring volatility between them, is mission critical.

The Brand Culture Index™ (BCI) leverages Agreeable’s Networked Survey design to measure the level of alignment between sub-cultures. This organizational alignment metric can be optimized overtime and anonymously benchmarked between organizations in your industry (like NPS® for brand culture).

In addition to the metric, the Networked Survey output discovers these sub-cultures, with qualitative detail, and can have a positive impact on hiring for cultural fit. Our Decision Quadrant™ solution then complements the BCI by automatically bucketing qualitative data into actionable categories of persuasion.

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