Win New Business &
Expand Your Insights Offering

Agreeable’s Networked Survey is the differentiator for agencies that want to know more about what truly influences and motivates client audiences.

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Move Faster, Learn More, and Win Pitches

Networked Survey questions collect 20x more data than traditional survey questions, meaning you get more insights up-front and move faster. Agreeable automatically categorizes and measures persuasiveness of messages across audience segments, helping clients convert their audience. Win more pitches, expand existing business, and differentiate your clients.

Pitch With Deeper Intelligence

Bring unique insights to the pitch room and set yourself apart from the competition. Complement existing research, enrich the context of your planning process, and win more business.

Expand Your Insights Offering

Digital agencies are converging on analytics companies to successfully deliver digital experiences for their clients and their audiences. Expand your offering to include Networked Survey Research and grow your bottom line while setting your clients apart.

…It took less than 30 days for us to achieve a tangible ROI on our investment. Following our first research study with Agreeable our client was emailing the next day requesting rates for additional markets… If you’re an agency searching for a differentiator that will win you business be sure to give Agreeable a call.

Reid Wicoff, Chief Executive Officer, Digible, Inc.

Respondents Drive Better Results

Unlike linear surveys that only get to the surface of respondents’ beliefs, our Networked Survey collects audience insights in parallel, giving you even more insight into what motivates them.

Differentiating Audience Insights

Networked Surveys offer deeper qualitative insight than traditional surveys can offer. Drill deeper into what motivates your target audiences and bring a unique perspective to your planning process.

Fast Results & Smart Pitches

Networked Surveys create actionable insights in real-time that guide content and messaging. Pitch more new business, grow organic accounts, and help your clients win.

Beyond Net Promoter Score®

Go deeper than traditional Net Promoter Scores with our Networked Survey, which asks participants to weigh in on peer responses. Help your clients convert detractors, retain promoters, and prioritize response to customer feedback.

Know What Questions To Ask

Knowing what questions to ask is an anxiety point when designing surveys, holding in-depth interviews, and even identifying social segments. Prioritize your questions with our Question Discovery Survey.

Check Bias At The Door

The questions you ask can lead your respondents away from what you need to know. When you run a Networked Survey, you ask fewer questions. This means you get ~20x more data while reducing bias.

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