IAVA Brings Questions to VA Secretary Hearings

IAVA, with its membership of 2.8 million post 9/11 veterans, partnered with Agreeable to source questions for the VA Secretary hearings of Dr. David Shulkin.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) attended the Senate VA Secretary confirmation hearings of Dr. David Shulkin Wednesday February 1st 2017. IAVA, with its politically diverse membership of 2.8 million veterans, wanted to make sure member questions and concerns were well represented.

IAVA, looking for innovative ways to better understand their members, took a new approach to surveying veterans by partnering with research tech startup Agreeable.

Respondents were asked “What question do you have for the VA Secretary nominee Dr. David Shulkin?” After submitting their question (in 150 characters or less), they were then presented with previous member questions and asked how interested they were in having them asked during the hearings.

Within two days 915 question submissions and almost 19,000 vote actions formed a massive network that IAVA researchers were able to analyze. The questions are represented on an interactive scatter plot, with consensus questions clustering at the center, and fringe questions on the outskirts

IAVA provided a detailed report of the most relevant, veteran member sourced, questions to Dr. David Shulkin and members of congress before the hearings commenced. These questions, representative of IAVA veteran members, helped influence dialogue during the hearings and will continue to drive action well into Dr. Shulkin’s term as VA Secretary.

IAVA is the voice of the 2.8 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, raising awareness in the media, on Capitol Hill and among the general public.

Agreeable is the world’s first Networked Survey™, combining the benefits of traditional surveys, focus groups, and social network analysis into one platform.