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The Opinion Decision Quadrant uncovers opinions with the power to influence supporters and detractors for any topic.

Saving you time and effort, Agreeable automatically generates your custom Opinion Decision Quadrant as responses come in, ranking opinions by their level of influence … so you can make decisions fast.

What is the Opinion Decision Quadrant?

The Opinion Decision Quadrant is a chart representing the opinions driving support or opposition for a topic. Survey responses are automatically grouped into four areas based on their ability to influence other respondents.

Maintain – Supporters wrote these responses and only Supporters agreed with them. While not influential for detractors, these opinions will help evangelize for the brand, topic or message.
Accelerate – Supporters wrote these responses and Detractors agreed with them. These are highly influential opinions with the power to persuade Detractors.
Resolve – Detractors wrote these responses and Supporters agreed with them. These are dangerous opinions with the power to convert Supporters.
Divest – Detractors wrote these responses and only Detractors agreed with them. While valuable to identify, do not spend too many resources on trying to convert these individuals or opinions.

How does the Opinion Decision Quadrant work?

Traditional research typically groups opinions using surface-level factors like keyword likeness. However, Agreeable uses its Networked Survey™ design to add a second dimension measuring an opinion’s power to persuade. Here’s how that works…

  • Step 1: Survey respondents rate their support (or level of agreement) for a given topic on a standard scale (1-5, 1-10, etc.)
  • Step 2: In 150 characters or less, respondents then write their own opinion that contributed to that rating.
  • Step 3: Respondents are shown anonymous opinions submitted by other participants, and either agree or disagree with those opinions.
  • Step 4: Responses are automatically tagged and grouped, instantly identifying the opinions that connect those who support or oppose the topic.

These responses, grouped by levels of support and influence, populate the Opinion Decision Quadrant so you can quickly identify action steps to enhance or protect your interests.

The Opinion Decision Quadrant provides you with four paths of qualitative action, highlighting the highest priority opinions for each: Maintain, Elevate, Resolve and Divest.

Applications for the Opinion Decision Quadrant

For convenience, following are some of the most common use cases for Agreeable and the Opinion Decision Quadrant.

Measuring Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Traditional Net Promoter Score measurement focuses on the score itself, not the opinions or sentiment behind it.

  • To grow your brand, do you know the opinions with the power to transform Detractors into Promoters?
  • To protect your brand, do you know the opinions that can turn Promoters into Detractors?

Agreeable’s Opinion Decision Quadrant adds an actionable layer to any NPS tracking or measurement initiative. By identifying opinions with the power to influence brand Promoters and Detractors, you have the power and confidence to effectively enhance and protect your brand.

Driving Public Affairs, Issue Advocacy and Crisis Management

Agreeable’s Opinion Decision Quadrant help you understand and ultimately influence public opinion. This information provides clarity and enhances the effectiveness of any public affairs, issue advocacy or crisis management initiative.

  1. Public Affairs: Identify key stakeholder positions for any issue or policy, understand their opinions, and discover where you can drive consensus.
  2. Issue Advocacy: Find out which elements of your issue resonate most with advocates, and which have the power to persuade critics.
  3. Crisis Management: Mitigate crises with a strong understanding of the messages, key words and opinions driving your news cycle and negative sentiment.

Voter and Audience Insight

Voters and audiences make decisions based on their opinions. Unfortunately, most predictive models on voter and audience behavior look at past actions, not the opinions those individuals hold.

Agreeable’s Opinion Decision Quadrant provides an inside look into the opinions driving voter and audience behavior, as well as opinions with the power to change minds.

Message Development

Be confident that your messages have the power to influence your audience.

Agreeable’s Opinion Decision Quadrant lets you quickly see the messages, topics and keywords that are important to them … in their own words. With ongoing surveys, you can rapidly test messages, and incorporate audience feedback to enhance messaging.

Don’t simply hope your messaging works … see why it works and what might be better.

Company Culture and Employee Engagement

Your company and executives speak … but what are your employees hearing?
You hear negative employee feedback … but is it an outlier?

Strong and meaningful employee engagement is amplified by an organization’s understanding of their shared opinions.
The Opinion Decision Quadrant will help you assess employees’ alignment with your culture, core values and desired behaviors. In addition, it helps identify whether negative employee sentiment is isolated or pervasive, saving you valuable resources by only addressing issues that truly matter.

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