Our Vision for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is automated enlightenment. It has the power to solve hard problems that are normally handled by people, because it’s trained by people. It is a mirror onto ourselves and as a result an incredible catalyst for human innovation. For that reason, we have decided to double-down on our vision:

To train social-facing Artificial Intelligence systems with a deeper qualitative understanding of people, using our Networked Survey™.

Individuals have opinions on a near infinite number of topics. Groups of people do too, and there is significant overlap. We can imagine connecting people based on the opinions they have in common. If we transposed our thinking, we would find relationships between opinions based on the people that align with them. This network of connected opinions is what we call the “Opinion Network.” The Opinion Network is ancient; but, fairly new terrain. It needed a new research methodology, so we developed a solution, the Networked Survey. Networked Surveys allow us to sample and map the opinion network from topic to topic.

Because the Opinion Network is pervasive across verticals, segments, and cultures, it fits nicely as a general source of training data for machine learning applications. With this in mind, our AI strategy is unique in that it is not centered on the end goal of building systems that autonomously make decisions.

Predictions made by machine learning algorithms are only as good as the training data informing them. For this reason, our AI strategy is to support its development across an unlimited field of qualitative applications using our Networked Survey technology.

We are already making headway proving this strategy out with two major brands, each developing feature selection and data collection strategies using our Networked Survey technology. Active applications range from predictive modeling of consumer behavior to qualitative team alignment inputs for a global brand.

We are also making strides in developing a normative set of training data on topics relevant to our user base made up of strategists, researchers, and marketers at global brands, political organizations, and membership organizations. Agreeable will iterate on these topical areas in a longitudinal study that maps small mutations to the Opinion Network over time. We plan on launching this initiative Q2 2018 and making results available quarterly to our customers.

We are truly excited to be a part of the growing field of Artificial Intelligence.


~ Alan

Alan Garcia
Founder & CEO, Agreeable Research

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