What is the Opinion Network?

The Opinion Network is ancient, ever-changing, and we’ve only begun to scratch its surface.

It sounds intangible but the truth is we are all physically connected to it. When you share an opinion with me, you wirelessly transmit a signal over the air. I hear it, interpret it, and accept or reject it and that creates a bond between us. When you imagine the overlap between the opinions we share you discover that we are engulfed by a massive ocean of opinions, constantly updating it at local and global levels. It is central to social insight.

Existing research methods get close to taking a snapshot of it – but the images we get back are low resolution and distorted. Agreeable Research developed the Networked Survey™ to address this gap.

Networked Surveys are now being used by Fortune 50 brands, Digital Agencies, Membership Organizations, and Political Organizations to analyze Opinion Networks in the areas of Consumer Insights, Member Retention, Employee Engagement, and Market Research.